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Assured Asset Exchange is a secure intermediary servicing precious metals and fine jewelry manufacturers, and distributors across the world.  Security and authenticity are always the top priority of Assured Asset Exchange. 

AAbids.com Auction Jewelry Inventory:  Items consist of manufacturer close-out, over-stock and high-volume production for the largest retailers of fine jewelry.  International diamond & gemstone brokers who prefer a fast and secure transaction avoid holding costs by selling immediately through auction.   Our auctions will feature; Diamonds, Sapphires, Ruby, Emeralds, Tourmaline and other fine gemstones.  Luxury pre-owned watches including Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Tudor and many more.

AAbids.com Coin & Bullion Inventory: Assured Asset Exchange has extensive contacts in the precious metals’ futures and physical markets.  Authenticity is never in question when purchasing our precious metals or antique coins.  
All precious metals and certified coins go through a thorough screening process to ensure authenticity.  Having relationships with refineries across the world ensures that our inventory is in stock, verified, and ready to add to your collection.